Ulisse Di Corpo


Psychologist and Statistician





Balancing entropy and syntropy


The balance between entropy and syntropy can be represented with a seesaw with at one end entropy and at the other syntropy. When entropy decreases, syntropy increases and vice versa.



The goal of life is to increase syntropy, but our activities produce entropy. When we increase syntropy and reduce entropy the invisible world shows with synchronicities.


Carl Gustav Jung and Wolfgang Pauli added synchronicities (i.e. syntropy) to causality. Synchronicities are seemingly unrelated events occurring together and grouped by the same final causes:



In Jung and Pauli’s description, causality acts from the past, while synchronicities act from the future.


Synchronicities are significant as they converge to an end, providing direction and purpose.


To better understand the game between entropy and syntropy a real example can be useful. It is about a freelance, single, whose expenses exceeded his income of more than five hundred euros per month! He had no one to ask for help, he would soon get indebted. He began to reduce expenses: no money in the wallet, no credit in the mobile phone. But things went from bad to worse. At this point he decided to ask for help. Let’s see how it went.


«How much do you spend for your mobile phone?»

«About 40 euros a month, but I always find myself without credit.»

«Why don’t you change provider? There are interesting promotions. With only 10 euros a month you can have unlimited minutes and SMS and 50 gigabytes of internet.»


Lowering entropy is synonymous to saving money. For example, by modifying an old contract. In this case, changing the telephone company and choosing a contract of the latest generation has led to increase the quality of life and save over three hundred euros a year! The trick is to improve the quality of life by saving money.


«Do you take shirts to the laundry to be ironed?»

«I wash them, but I am not able to iron them. I take them to the laundry to have them ironed.»

«How much does it cost you?»

«Between 50 and 70 euros a month.»

«Why don’t you ask your maid if she can iron your shirts for an extra 8 euros a month?»


The maid immediately accepted. Another small optimization that saved more than six hundred euros a year, but which significantly increases the quality of life. In fact, there is no more the hassle of going to the laundry to bring and get the shirts. Again an increase in the quality of life by saving! These first two optimizations have lowered entropy by about a thousand euros a year. We have to get to six thousand euros to balance incomes and outputs, before the magic of the invisible world begins to manifest!


«Do you go to work by car?»

«I also use the scooter, to save money, but the traffic is really dangerous!»

«Why don’t you use the bicycle?»

«On these roads?!»

«No, on alternative routes.»

«My house is located in the town centre, the office is not far, but I have always considered the bicycle impossible for the difference in altitude of more than 30 meters. I would arrive tired and sweaty.»

«If you have to climb it’s better to choose a steep but short road, get off and push, rather than pedalling.»


In less than 25 minutes he could get to his office biking through the beautiful roads of the old town centre and of the parks. Using the car or the scooter it took more time. The day after he sold the scooter, cancelled the insurance and the rent of the garage. In total, he saved another three thousand euros a year. With this simple optimization, he received other benefits: he exercises and no longer needs to go to the gym, more money and time saved! And he spends less on fuels. Entropy has now decreased by more than four thousand euros a year and the quality of life has improved! We need to find another two thousand euros before syntropy and the invisible world can begin to show.


«Your electricity bill exceeds 200 euros every two months! As a single you should not pay more than 50 euros.»

«What should I do?»

«Try using low-consumption light bulbs, such as LED lamps, and put the timer to the water heater.»


Small changes that took little time and money. One hundred and fifty euros saved every two months, nine hundred euros a year. With this little optimization the person feels happy because of his ecological beliefs and the quality of life has increased. Saving energy makes him feel consistent with his ideals. Now he has reduced spending of over five thousand euros a year! We need to reach the goal of six thousand euros a year!


«How much do you pay for electricity at your office?»

«About 300 euros every two months.»

«Do you use halogen bulbs!?»



He discovered that he could save another thousand euros a year by simply replacing the halogen spotlights with LED spotlights. Now entropy has been lowered.


Increasing syntropy means to optimize and improving the quality of life.


At this point spending does no longer exceed incomes. Syntropy can begin to show in the form of synchronicities, the invisible causality which acts from the future and groups events according to purposes.


First synchronicity:


«How much do you pay for renting your office?»

«Nothing. The apartment is owned by my aunts.»

«They could rent it and make a profit, but you use it for free?!»


«And your aunts on what do they live on?»

«They both have a pension and some savings, but their financial situation is not good, they complain continuously.»

«Have you ever thought about renting a room in an office and letting your aunts rent their apartment?»

«I have no money, I cannot afford to pay a rent!»

«How is your business going?»

«I have few clients, perhaps because of the economic crisis, but also because of the position of the office.»

«A less prestigious office, but in a strategic, well-connected place could help you have more clients?!»


The first synchronicity is the following one. The day after this dialogue, as if by magic, he receives the offer of a room in an office in the most central area of the city, at the price of only 250 euros per month, including all utilities! The apartment of the aunts was in a very beautiful and prestigious place, but difficult to reach and there was no parking: beautiful, prestigious, but uncomfortable and very expensive. However he hesitated, he did not dare!


The next day, however, another synchronicity occurred. He received a call from the doorkeeper. An airline company offered 2,800 euros a month for the apartment of his aunts. The aunts obviously asked him to find another place immediately. Fortunately, the day before he had received the offer of a room. But he was not yet convinced. The office in the centre of town was in a very noisy area: well connected, but chaotic.


The third synchronicity is as follows. That same afternoon he was walking in the area of the city he likes most, not central, but green, quiet and well connected. At the window of a shoemaker, he saw a notice for a room for rent in a professional studio. The apartment was in the building next to the shoemaker. He called and immediately went to see it. He instantly decided to rent the room. In a city like Rome it is difficult to find rooms for rent in professional studios and especially in such a beautiful place of the city. Synchronicities attract to places and situations that otherwise we would not have taken into account and which solve our problems. Synchronicities are accompanied by feelings of warmth and wellbeing in the thoracic area which inform us that we are on the right path.


«I began to feel warmth and wellbeing in the thoracic area. My clients liked the new studio. There is parking, the place is nice, quiet and is located near a subway station. My business begun to flourish, my savings have increased and my personal and sentimental life has improved.»


Syntropy provides wellbeing, happiness and wealth. But when things go well it’s easy to fall back into old entropic and dissipative life styles. A few months later, he receives an offer of a prestigious work abroad: his dream! He immediately accepted and moved. The salary was high, the taxes low. Suddenly he would become a rich man who could lead the rich life he had always dreamed of.


But this reverses the balance of the seesaw: wealth leads to live in an entropic way, entropy increases and syntropy decreases. and again we go towards failure and discomfort!


«The foreign company was only interested in making money, no ethics. I had to work almost fifty hours a week, there was nothing else outside the company. One had to give absolute priority to what was profitable, even if immoral. A few months later I felt disgusted of my profession. Taxes were low, but the services were all private. Adding to this the rent of the house and expenses related to the fact that I was a foreigner, I paid much more than I earned. After only six months I had accumulated more than twenty-eight thousand euros in debts. The dream had shattered and had become a nightmare. From heaven I had fallen to hell. I had no time for myself or my emotional and relational life. I first felt discomfort, then suffering, and finally depression and anguish exploded. I decided to come back to Italy!»


It often happens this way. Increasing syntropy increases the quality of life, wellbeing and wealth. But, as soon as material wealth returns, we fall into an entropic life style and return again into misery.


Balancing entropy and syntropy must be accompanied by an inner transformation, which is the specialization of Antonella Vannini.