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The house is distributed over 4 floors and is suitable for groups. It has 3 living-rooms, including one of 43 square meters, 2 kitchens, 4 bathrooms, 8 bedrooms and an interior yard (see the plan of the house). The house is available through a tourist rental (short-term rental for residential purposes).


We are located 100 meters from the main square of Ovindoli, in via Nicolino Sebastiani 73 (the road that comes from Celano). During winter months (December to March) and in August there is a shuttle bus (1 euro per person) that connects the main square of Ovindoli with the ski slopes (2 km) and other places of interest in the region (for example the athletic fields).


You can get to Ovindoli from Rome by car (exit from Celano’s highway), by public transport (it takes between 2 hours and 10 min and 3 hours and 40 min, depending on the waiting time of the connection at Avezzano or L'Aquila - see schedule ) or through private bus hire / mini-vans (between 300 and 500 euros from Rome, which will be divided among the members of the group).


Meals can be organized independently thanks to the two kitchens or restaurants in the area. There is an agreement with a restaurant.




-       Because it is perfect for groups

-       Encourages socialization among group members

-       Thanks to its wide living spaces, it is suitable for carrying out seminary activities (courses, congresses, etc.)

-       It is located in a privileged location with a breathtaking view


For more information:


Ulisse Di Corpo

Phone: +39 328-2323893

(you can also contact via WhatsApp)



Some peculiarities:


1.     There are 3 televisions: one of 55" in the largest room and two of 32" in room 2 and in the attic. TVs are not connected to the antenna, but they have a DVD player and HDMI jacks for courses or seminars.

2.     The largest room is suitable for indoor exercises such as yoga or pilates.

3.     We make available various accessories that can be used freely, however, taking the utmost care.

4.     The house is perfect for groups. Individual rooms are not rented. In order to promote the conviviality and the group spirit, the bedrooms do not have keys.


The house was completely renovated from 2015 to 2017 and all systems (gas, heating, electricity, water, drains) were built in accordance with current regulations.




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