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In the didactical activities, such as courses, conferences and retreats we start from the theoretical part that overturns our way of thinking and can be difficult for those who have strong beliefs.


An experiential part follows, focused on attractors and how feelings provide a way to connect with this invisible world. The role of anxiety and angst, painful and unbearable feelings that people often seek to calm down by using substances which act on the autonomic nervous system, such as smoking, alcohol, eating compulsively or filling our lives with commitments, activities, and noises. Becoming aware of our strategies and experimenting ways that calm the mind and emotions, opens the door to the heart and syntropy.


We are immersed in an invisible reality made of synchronicities, intuitions and vital needs of love and meaning. Feelings inform us whether the direction we are following is correct or not.


Courses, conferences and seminars can be organized everywhere. For retreats we suggest to use the ovindoli.cloud, which has been especially designed for this type of work.